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How Often Should I Paint the Interior of My House?

While the most popular reason to repaint the interior of your house is to update colors, there are other reasons why homeowners might be curious as to how often they should have a new coat applied. While your interior doesn’t need repainting as often as your exterior might, it’s essential to be aware of the average lifespan of interior paints. Check out this video for some warning signs that let you know it’s time to pick up the phone and call Padlo’s Perfect Painting to come on out! Then, continue reading for how often the most important areas of a home are painted.

How Long Does Interior Paint Last on the Wall?

Accounting for normal wear-and-tear, modern wall paints applied professionally can easily last five or even ten years. While that functions as a catch-all duration, let’s take a more in-depth look at the paint in each room of the house.

Hallways and Corridors

These areas of your home see a lot of foot traffic and wear and tear. You’ll see scuff marks, sticky finger marks, and possibly dents and cracks pocking the surface, all of which compromise the aesthetics of your home. Depending on the wall (and the mess), you may be able to wash the marks out. But in our experience, hallways get painted more often than just about every other area of the house, approximately every 2-3 years.


The year range is a bit more flexible when it comes to bedrooms. For example, an adult’s bedroom paint could be just fine until you desire a new color, while young children’s bedroom walls may be subject to crayons, markers, and the occasional toy thwacked against it. 

We recommend using high-quality paints with higher sheens, so walls can be scrubbed clean and the pain can last even longer. You may consider investing in chalkboard paint to foster some of the little ones’ creativity. Whatever the case, any room that kids spend a lot of time in is more prone to damage and doodling! Kids’ rooms typically get painted around every 2-3 years.

Living and Dining Rooms

When it comes to hosting, guests, and celebrations, your living room functions as the centerpiece of your entire home. One might find better paint and decoration in the living and dining areas since they showcase the decor and aesthetics of a home. But just like any room that has lots of people in and out, accidents happen. Typically, when homeowners revisit the color palette and thematic ornamentation of their home, the living and dining room’s wall color is often subject to change. For these reasons, painting every five to seven years is common.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

These walls will most likely need a bit more TLC than your common areas. Kitchens and bathrooms are, by far, the busiest spaces. In the kitchen, you should have a paint that can be washed regularly and easily maintained. In bathrooms, humidity and moisture can cause the paint on the walls to peel. While proper ventilation can help extend the time in between paint jobs, a fresh coat is usually applied every 3-4 years.

Let Padlo’s Perfect Painting Be the Judge

Our professional interior painting services are among the best sources that keep your home looking pristine. For more information about the health of your wall paint or getting a fresh coat, contact Padlo’s Perfect Painting today!

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My husband and I moved into a new construction ( read: all walls were builders white ) home and didn't paint anything for over a year. Once finding out we were pregnant we decided it was time to paint everything while having painting our nursery. We were at a paint store looking at samples and grabbed a bunch of business cards and called every one. Matt Padlo called us back within the hour, came to our house, took measurements and gave us a quote all in the same day. As a matter of fact we hired Padlos Perfect Painting and they started work BEFORE most of the others returned our call. Matt also had a designer come do a walk through ( at no additional cost ) which ended up being a huge help, we ended up picking three different shades of gray, and adding some accent walls, and painting our babys closet a gorgeous tangerine orange which we absolutely love. Matt and his team were polite and professional while keeping our house clean and furniture protected. They were quick and did amazing work. I can't recommend them enough!

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