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What Can Dustless Sanding Do For Your Next Painting Job?

painter using dustless sander

There’s no question that repainting your home’s interior offers a wide range of benefits, including improving property value, enhancing the desired aesthetic, and protecting the surface of your walls. However, there exist potential drawbacks to having the work done; most of which are associated with the preparation and cleanup processes.

To prepare your home’s walls for painting, they’ll need to be sanded clean first. This process is necessary but comes with several caveats, as it takes time and creates a mess that can cause air pollution. Many homeowners are reluctant to repaint their houses because the preparation can be so invasive and time-consuming. This is why Padlo’s Perfect Painting utilizes the Festool Dustless Sanding System for all of our interior paint jobs. Here’s how dustless sanding can make your next paint job a success: 

It’s Cleaner 

If you have ever sanded a room or seen it done before, you know just how much dust can be created. This dust is very fine and will end up on every surface in the room that isn’t covered up. Often, the dust can get into air vents or under furniture and doors, eventually settling in your rooms and hallways. Laying down tarps can undoubtedly help, but the ubiquity of the dust still makes it very tedious to clean up thoroughly, and homeowners could still find traces of it weeks or months after they repaint. With our dustless sanding system, there will be no blanket of fine dust to worry about, and your room will be ready to live in far sooner. 

It’s Better For Your Health and the Environment 

If you have seen anyone do professional sanding work, you likely noticed the extensive protective gear worn by everyone on the crew. In addition to being challenging to clean up, drywall dust can be harmful to your eyes and lungs. Its extremely fine composition makes it easy to breathe in if you’re not wearing the right mask, so most professional painters opt for full respirators and goggles to do sanding work. If you’re not a professional painter, you likely don’t have a respirator in your home. But by utilizing dustless sanding, you can drastically reduce the amount of dust in the air, and consequently, the amount that goes into your eyes and lungs.  

It Expedites the Entire Job

By substantially reducing the amount of time your crew has to spend laying tarp and cleaning up drywall dust, dustless sanders can help the job get done in less total time. Since most services will charge you based on how long the job takes, this can result in a more conservative expense overall.

To learn more about our interior painting services or dustless sanding process, contact Padlo’s Perfect Painting today!

Bonnie F. in Cherry Hill, NJ

Great guys to deal with. They are clean, efficient, and I would recommend them anytime.

Mark P. in Moorestown, NJ

Matt and Team Padlo are professionals who excel at their craft and provide a great experience. My ROI is seen immediately with the finished product. A significant value add with this project of completing a 23 x 20 rec room for my kids. I've already requested Matt to complete my next painting project. I highly recommend Matt and his team. Thank you.

Adrienne V. in Philadelphia, PA

My husband and I moved into a new construction ( read: all walls were builders white ) home and didn't paint anything for over a year. Once finding out we were pregnant we decided it was time to paint everything while having painting our nursery. We were at a paint store looking at samples and grabbed a bunch of business cards and called every one. Matt Padlo called us back within the hour, came to our house, took measurements and gave us a quote all in the same day. As a matter of fact we hired Padlos Perfect Painting and they started work BEFORE most of the others returned our call. Matt also had a designer come do a walk through ( at no additional cost ) which ended up being a huge help, we ended up picking three different shades of gray, and adding some accent walls, and painting our babys closet a gorgeous tangerine orange which we absolutely love. Matt and his team were polite and professional while keeping our house clean and furniture protected. They were quick and did amazing work. I can't recommend them enough!

Yolanda B. in Mount Holly, NJ

I love the job they did in my living room and kitchen! Very professional and great customer service!

Phyllis G. in Manahawkin NJ

Professional helpful pleasant preparation great moved all furniture and replaced when finished to my liking. Worked with his team and overseen everything. Love his work and would recommend and hire again.