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Why Does Paint Peel?

Spring is in the air—and you’re excited to move forward with your home renovations. But you notice a problem that just won’t seem to “flake” — peeling paint on your walls or ceiling! While you can always rely on home interior painting experts near Cinnaminson, NJ, to make sure your wall looks as good as new again, we believe it’s important to understand the science and processes that rear their ugly, chipped head in the event you’re faced with peeling paint.

What Causes Paint to Peel?

There are several reasons why paint peels away or flakes off of the original surface: 


Arguably the number one culprit in regards to flaky or chipping paint. When water penetrates through coats of paint, it causes the layers to separate and detach from the surface. This process leads to bulging, cracking, and peeling. 

Bathrooms are a primary place to look for the water’s source, although there may be other issues present within the house, such as excess humidity or a leaky roof. Even if water damage is not visible, moisture can still be wreaking havoc behind the scenes.

Inadequate Preparation

If the paint is applied to an uneven or unprimed surface, it won’t take long before the paint begins to blister and eventually peels. Also, paints do not sticky to dirty surfaces; dust, grease, and oil prevent paint from properly adhering to wooden, metallic, or even concrete surfaces.

The Surface Is Exposed to High Temperatures

High temperatures cause the paint to dry fast, preventing layers from forming strong bonds. On the other hand, intense sunlight renders oil paints fragile and vulnerable to cracking. Both latex and elastic paint expand and contract when exposed to sunlight, which weakens their adhesive bonds.

Type of Paint Is Incompatible With the Surface Material

Some surfaces contain substances that negatively react with paints, hindering their compatibility. For example, new or poorly-cured woods naturally produce oils that prevent adequate paint adhesion. A glossy or otherwise smooth surface may also have compatibility issues with certain paints, unable to form a mechanical adhesion. 

Different Types of Paint Coated on the Same Surface

Some paints don’t bond well together, meaning when they are applied on top of each other, peeling occurs. Oil-based paints don’t work well when applied to latex ones, and vice versa. Here’s a quick breakdown of the two types:

Oil-based paint, made with either alkyd or linseed oils, is more durable than latex and tends to apply in a smoother coat. It’s usually utilized in areas that take a lot of abuse, like doors, windows, and trims. However, it tends to yellow or crack with age.

Latex paints, also regarded as water-based paints, are easier to handle than oil-paints and dry quickly but aren’t quite as durable. They work best when applied to general areas like walls or ceilings and an easier material to clean than oil-based paint.

Bubbling, Cracking, and Peeling Paint: What’s the Difference?

Depending on the state of the residence or commercial building, paint deterioration may appear in one of the following ways: cracking, peeling, or bubbling.

These are different facets of the same problem. Cracking paint is the tip of the iceberg, a clear sign that the paint job will start peeling or flaking eventually. Bubbling occurs when the coat loses its adhesion and subsequently lifts away from the surface. Peeling happens when paint simply cannot hold onto the underlying layer, or as a continuation of bubbling or cracking.

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